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Specialists in site-specific & community theatre

Registered charity 1163093                                                

Current Work

Breaking the Lockdown Blues

The Company has just completed an improvised play in a week with the Bourne Free Youth Club, which is part of SASBAH (the Sussex Association of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus).   The play looked at the restrictions of  lockdown and, after escaping on fantastical adventures, the pull of returning to family and friends.   A big thank you to all the wonderfully inventive participants, to our Musical Director, Tobias Velke and drama practitioner/choir leader, Ellen Muriel, and to all the SASBAH staff, who supported our work.

The Battle of Lewes Walking Trail

The Company has been commissioned by the South Downs National Park Authority to interpret the Battle of Lewes site (Landport Bottom) for visitors, in a way that is engaging and suitable for both adults and families.  We have been busy filming 6 short videos (about 2 – 3 minutes each), which will be accessed by QR codes and NFC tags placed at strategic points around the site, and on the SDNPA Website.

Sussex based filmmakers Luke and Jack Gallie, the medieval historian Claire Kennan, and local actors Nicholas Boulton, Michael Webber and Mark Williams have all been working, on this project.

The Battle of Lewes Walking Trail is supported by the SDNPA, the Chalk Cliff Trust and Lewes Town Council

The Ashford Railways Project 

After the cancellation of the performances of this project in 2020, due to the Covid Pandemic, The Company has been working over the summer on a research and development project funded by Arts Council England and Ashford Borough Council.  For this project we filmed interviews with local residents and railway workers about their experiences over the last 2 years, and the long term effects on their lives.  We also gathered material through social media engagement and workshops in primary schools.   

This has led to the creation of a new 3rd Act for our community play, which is now called All Change For Ashford.  Performance dates have been fixed for late April/early May 2022, with more news to be shared on this when all funding has been secured.

Past Projects

Close Project

When the Devil Comes Calling

Mayfield Community Play – 2018

A Story of War, Women and Mary Poppins!

As the Great War ends, the fight for women’s rights continues.  But how do women step out into the workplace, and still provide a home for those who are dear to them?  A site-specific, promenade community play with over 200 participants, live music & film.  Written by Suzi Hopkins, directed by Stephen Israel & produced by The Company and The Mayfield Community Play Steering Group.

Funded by: Arts Council England, East Sussex Arts Partnership, High Weald AONB, Mayfield and Five Ashes Parish Council, Wealden District Council, and through local donations.

“Incredibly moving play by pitch-perfect writer Suzi Hopkins.”  Audience member

“Gentle & inspirational guidance of director Stephen Israel – this was a stunningly visual & heart stopping tale of love, hope, family, loyalty & death.”  Audience member

“It has brought the whole community together.”  Participant

“A transforming experience.”  Participant

Link to the films (filmmaker Helmie Stil & music Beggars’ Gate) projected on the wall of the Mayfield School Chapel during Act 3:  When the Devil Comes Calling

All photographs used courtesy of the kind permission of Kirsten Woodcraft

Close Project

Being Human

A Discovery College Drama & Film Project, in Partnership with CAMHS – 2017/18

This collaborative project was developed to allow young people with mental health challenges to voice their experiences of school to teachers, through the medium of a play which was developed through improvisation & discussions.  As part of the project a documentary film was produced which includes interviews with the participants about their school lives and how their experiences could be improved. This film is now being distributed to all schools in East & West Sussex, and Brighton & Hove as a teacher’s aid, supported by a CAMHS pack on mental health.

Funded by Awards for All, Chalkcliff Trust, Davidson Family Trust, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, Hastings Borough Council, Police Property Act Fund, St James Place Foundation, and Sussex Community Foundation

‘Really powerful and relevant. Although we are very aware of the troubles students face we rarely hear from them about what it is like in school when facing these problems.”  Staff member, Ark Helenswood Academy

“Fantastic, brave performances”  Audience Member

“I would like to express how at ease I felt knowing that she was not only safe, but that she was being respected and listened to”  Parent of Participant

“It transformed her into a more confident strong young woman who is now less scared in forming new relationships”  Parent of Participant

Close Project


Weald & Downland Living Museum – 2016

A tale of love, swashbuckling honour, torn allegiances and a large nose!

A reinterpretation of Edmond Rostand’s play, Cyrano de Bergerac, adapted by John Wells & Suzi Hopkins. A modern chorus of 18 to 25 year olds commented on the classic play, discussing love, feminism, social media and catfishing.  Performed as a promenade production in, and around, the mediaeval marketplace of the Weald & Downland Living Museum.

A partnership production with Pallant House Gallery, Chichester Festival Theatre & Weald & Downland Museum.  Funded by Arts Council England & The South Downs National Park Authority.

 “Brilliant. Absolutely perfect in every way – setting, story, acting, all A*.”  Audience member

“My husband has been converted to theatre since going to The Company’s Plays – Thank you!”  Audience member

“A thrilling interpretation of the play.”  Audience member

Close Project

The Ashford Tales

Ashford town centre – 2017

The Canterbury Ashford Tales

Dark heroic tales alongside acts of sheer idiocy were presented by some famous (& infamous) Ashford residents, on this theatre trail through the streets of the town centre. Written by Suzi Hopkins & directed by Stephen Israel.  Commissioned by Ashford Borough Council

 “Ashford Borough Council *****”  Audience member

“It was great fun and a lovely way to bring people in the town together”  Karin Backlog, Ashford Town Library

“The audience loved it, it was quite a spectacle!”  Ashford BC

Close Project

Montfort’s March

South Downs National Park – 2014

Do you have what it takes to join Montfort’s Army?

Award winning, site-specific, promenade play, commemorating the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes.  Following in the footsteps of Simon de Montfort’s army, the audience and actors marched four miles across the South Downs to challenge King Henry III at Lewes.  Written by Suzi Hopkins and directed by Stephen Israel.

Supported by Arts Council England, The Houses of Parliament, The South Downs National Park, East Sussex Arts Partnership, Lewes District and Town Councils, and many others.

“We need more of this stuff; bring it on!”  Love Fringe reviews

“A triumph” – Brighton Fringe reviews

 “It was clear that EVERY member of the audience went away having been involved in a masterpiece of site-specific theatre.”  Audience member

 “A glorious evening on the Downs – can’t see how it could be improved. Please don’t wait another 750 years to repeat!”  Audience member

Close Project

Up In Smoke

Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells – 2012

As the Great War ends, it is time for women to cast their votes.

Set in 1918, and performed on a steam train travelling between Tunbridge Wells and Groombridge, the audience sat alongside soldiers and suffragists, to face the despair of war and the passionate call for equality.

Commissioned by The Weald Forest Landscape Partnership Scheme, in partnership with the Tunbridge Wells Museum and the Spa Valley Railway.

“A unique experience.”  Audience member

“For my brother and myself who had a Grandfather wounded in the First World War it was very poignant and at times very humbling.”  Audience member

Close Project

Mr Punch’s Pleasure Palace

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill – 2012

It’s 1933 and even a small seaside town like Bexhill feels the wind of change.  The socialist Earl De La Warr is leading the way to build a People’s Palace on the seafront, but will the town follow his lead?

Written by Suzi Hopkins, and directed by Stephen Israel, this site specific promenade production was performed around the De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill,   With a community cast of 42, working alongside professional actors, director, designer, and Punch and Judy, this production beat the summer gales with the enthusiasm of the cast.

Supported by Arts Council England, East Sussex Arts Partnership, Rother District Council, De La Warr Pavilion, and Bexhill Museum

“On a very, very windy but wonderful Thursday evening  I saw your production of Mr Punch’s Palace and was struck by the energy and skill of the performance ~ even helped carry Mr Punch’s booth in the gale…good fun!”  Audience member

“This project is a model of how to create theatre or any participatory arts production to a professional standard.” Audience member

 “…like actually being on stage.”  Audience member

Close Project

The Jigsaw Puzzle

West Hoathly Community Play – 2011

With the First World War looming, the old order is blind to its fate as class barriers crumble…

A modern interpretation of Hippolytus written to celebrate of the centenary of the Stoneland Players. Performed by, and for, the community of West Hoathly in the beautiful Church and Churchyard, and the topiary gardens of the Jacobean Manor House. With characters based on villagers who lived in West Hoathly at the time of the 1911 census, the play was written by Suzi Hopkins and directed by Stephen Israel.

Commissioned by the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme, and supported by the Art’s Council England, WSCC, Mid Sussex DC & West Hoathly PC.

“Excellent! Takes theatre in the round to a whole new level. Compelling, totally absorbing. Cannot praise the production enough.”  Audience member

“To anyone thinking about getting involved – do it! It is a wonderful chance to meet new people, do something out of the ordinary and play a small part in creating something fantastic.” Actor participant

Close Project

Theatre Trails

Steyning Festival – 2007 to 2016

The Steyning Festival Theatre Trails were rehearsed readings of unpublished, unperformed one act plays staged at 3 different site-specific  venues in Steyning, appropriate to each play’s setting.  Lunch was sandwiched into the middle of the day, with a Q & A session at the end, with the writers, directors & actors, chaired by a guest artist.

Submissions for this event were accepted from playwrights throughout the South-East.

“One of the most talked about events of the Festival”  Artistic Director of the Steyning Festival


Close Project

Where be Dragons?

St Leonard’s Forest – 2011

Percy Bysshe Shelley does not believe in the dragon of St Leonard’s Forest – but someone is out to prove him wrong.

A tale of dragons and smugglers, as Shelley led our audiences through the depths of the forest, in this family theatre trail.

Commissioned by the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme, and supported by WSCC and the Forestry Commission.

“Absolutely fantastic!!”  Audience member

“Brilliant, an exciting way to get the children to enjoy theatre.”  Audience member


Close Project

Movers & Shakers

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill – 2014

A Victorian sledge journey across Siberia, a spell in Her Majesty’s Prison, and a journey around the world with a pig – all part of a school trip to the Museum!

A multi-media play celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bexhill Museum.  Written by Suzi Hopkins & Nieve Stenton, directed by Stephen Israel, & performed by local youth participants, with music composed and performed by DV8 Bexhill students, & film sequences created by DV8 Brighton students.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

 “After spending many years telling people about the history & heritage of our town it is a delight, & a surprise, to see that there are other ways (and I am forced to concede better ways) to get the story across to new & established audiences. In particular the youth of the town who it has always been a struggle for us to engage with.”  Julian Porter, Curator of the Bexhill Museum

“Come along DLWP, bring more entertainment like this to Bexhill which can be enjoyed by all ages.”  Bexhill Observer

“Excellent. Very enjoyable…each performer was given a chance.”  Audience member

Movers and Shakers documentary by Shona Pollock


Close Project

And That Will Never Be…

Weald & Downland Living Museum – 2009

“And When will you be back my love?  Oh dear love tell me.                                                                                               When the sun sets into yonder sycamore tree, and that will never be.”

This site specific theatre trail led audiences through the strictures of puritan Sussex to the narrow mindedness of Victorian England, sampling fresh gingered bread on the way.  Set amidst the historical buildings of the Weald & Downland Living Museum, with traditional English folksongs and rumbustious humour.

Commissioned by the Weald & Downland Living Museum and supported by WSCC & Awards for All.

“A perfect evening in terms of the atmosphere, the tension of the play, and the beauty of the site.”                                                          Audience member

Close Project

Warren Broadwater…

Broadwater Warren RSPB Reserve – 2011

The Professor and Miss Daphne Crufts (together with her pooch Lady), argued and explored the conservation issues surrounding regeneration of the RSPB ancient lowland heath site, in this site-specific family theatre trail.

Commissioned by the Weald Forest Ridge Landscape Partnership Scheme, and supported by ESCC and the RSPB.

Close Project

Peacehaven, On Special Offer

Peacehaven – 2010

Bargain of the century – 100 guinea plots, going for nothing!

This site specific play, with music, performed in ‘The Dell’ on the seafront, celebrated the eccentric development of the town of Peacehaven from the 1912 up to the 1950s.

Commissioned by Peacehaven TC, supported by ESCC, the Co-op & Southern Water.

Close Project

Gert & Daisy…

Steyning – 2009

The famous music hall duo, ‘Gert and Daisy’,  led their audience through the beautiful town of Steyning, recreating with songs and humour, the tragic story of Charles Stuart Parnell and Kitty O’Shea.

Commissioned by the Steyning Festival and supported by WSCC.

Close Project

Off the Buses!

Amberley Working Museum – 2008

Audiences were taken to the heart of unions and racism in 1950’s Britain, as they rode vintage buses, answered old fashioned telephones, joined a wildcat strike, and ate spam sandwiches!

This site-specific play was written for the eclectic and wonderful Amberley Working Museum, and was commissioned by Poems and Puddings.

Reg Varney, eat your heart out Blakey

Close Project


Steyning – 2007

This play looked at artists and poets who had lived in the town of Steyning (including W B Yeats, Aleister Crowley and the painter Gluck). The audience were led through the historic homes and streets of Steyning by a local historian, as the tale of fame, failure and reward unfolded around them.

Commissioned for the inaugural Steyning Festival by the festival & Poems & Puddings.

“One of the most amazing things the festival has produced” Artistic director of the Steyning festival

Close Project

And His Name Was Jim

Tour – 2006

Written by Sara Clifford and directed by Clive Holland, this 22 venue tour of Village Halls and Art Centres in Kent and Sussex, was funded by West Sussex County Council, Applause Rural Touring, Lewes District Council and Rother District Council.

  • When the Devil Comes Calling

    When the Devil Comes Calling

  • Being Human

    Being Human

  • Cyrano


  • The Ashford Tales

    The Ashford Tales

  • Montfort’s March

    Montfort’s March

  • Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke

  • Mr Punch’s Pleasure Palace

    Mr Punch’s Pleasure Palace

  • The Jigsaw Puzzle

    The Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Theatre Trails

    Theatre Trails

  • Where be Dragons?

    Where be Dragons?

  • Movers & Shakers

    Movers & Shakers

  • And That Will Never Be…

    And That Will Never Be…

  • Warren Broadwater…

    Warren Broadwater…

  • Peacehaven, On Special Offer

    Peacehaven, On Special Offer

  • Gert & Daisy…

    Gert & Daisy…

  • Off the Buses!

    Off the Buses!

  • Glucksteyne


  • And His Name Was Jim

    And His Name Was Jim

In Development

Discovery College

The Company is in talks with Discovery College/CAMHS to create a new co-production project alongside young people with mental health issues, on the theme of diversity.  The project is scheduled to take place in Autumn 2022.

Hersmonceux Castle

The Company is working with The Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle to develop two projects for 2023:

  • 6 short historical interpretation videos about the 20th Century owners of the castle
  • A large scale community play about the castle’s history and resonances with current issues

Community Work

The Company works extensively in the Community on many diverse projects.

Large scale Community plays, in which the participants work alongside professional directors, writers & designers to create a performance that reflects the history & culture of where they live.  This is a fully inclusive experience, where everyone is integral to the whole, & everyone’s skills are valued.

The Company create specialist workshops, which run alongside our performances, working closely with groups to develop an historical & social understanding of the performance they are seeing.  We also create workshops for participants with special needs, to enhance their experience of the performance.  Workshop groups have included: Chailey Heritage School, Slindon College, the Sussex Youth Parliament, Families for children and many other groups/schools.

The Company also works in close partnership with other organisations (such as CAMHS and SASBAH) to deliver projects for groups with different needs. These projects always hold the visions and ideas of participants at their heart, and work to give a voice to those that need to be heard.

About The Company

The Company was formed in 2006, as a non-profit making organisation, with the aim of bringing accessible, quality theatre into the heart of rural communities.  In 2015 The Company became a CIO (charitable incorporated organisation).

The Company works with local actors, musicians, writers, directors & designers. We are low tech & use the locality as our set.  Our audiences do not sit and watch in the dark, but are an important part of the action, and our plays reflect local lives, in the past & right now.

The Company is very happy to announce the appointment of the actor Mark Williams as a new Patron, joining Hamish Black, Raymond Briggs & Teresa Wells.

Child & Vulnerable Adult Policy 2021

Equal Opportunity Statement 2021

Joint artistic-directors

  • Suzi Hopkins

  • Stephen Israel


John Emerson FCA, Sophia Kingshill, Sally Ann Lycett & Chris Sheffield LL.B


Hamish Black, Raymond Briggs, Teresa Wells & Mark Williams


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